Beautiful hand forged ironwork designed and made for you by Joe Babb

I have done many reproductions of old ironwork.  Whatever your needs, whether it’s repair or reproduction of old wrought ironwork, contact me.  Here are a few of the things I’ve been asked to reproduce.  In some cases, only a portion of the original was available.

strap hinges finished

Strap hinges with rust finish.

strap hinges

Strap hinges in process. The original is 3rd from left.



18th century fork

18th century fork


rat tail hinges on cabinet

rat tail hinges installed on customer’s cabinet

rat tail hinges

Rat Tail hinges

cranked chest hinges

“cranked” chest hinges.


Be sure to contact me for any reproduction needs.  I can work from pictures or sketches.  Cost is determined by shop time to make the item.  The buckles shown below were not strictly a reproduction of old buckles but a commission to make belt buckles for a theater production.

belt buckles

Buckles for a theater production of a Shakespeare play