Beautiful hand forged ironwork designed and made for you by Joe Babb

Nothing like a toasty fire on a cool evening to liven a party or just to relax.  There are lots of fire grates on the market, but many of them are not sturdy enough to last more than one season.  And it seems as though every fireplace is sized differently.

I’ll be happy to build you a fire grate, or andirons if you prefer.  I typically use one inch square solid steel bars spaced four inches apart.  All I need to know is the dimensions of your fireplace and whether you have a gas burner that the grate needs to clear.  You may also want either a screen or a fender to keep sparks contained.  I usually have to visit your fireplace to make measurements if you want a permanent screen.  Here are some of the grates and screens I have made.   I don’t keep these things in stock because of different size requirements and possible design considerations.

an outdoor fire grate

outdoor fire grate

a fire grate with fender

fire grate with fender

a fire grate not yet delivered

my favorite design not yet installed.

fire screen for indoor fireplace

fire screen for indoor fireplace