Beautiful hand forged ironwork designed and made for you by Joe Babb

We live in a world of ready-mades. All kinds of things are available off the shelf and mass produced. This is good in some ways. But it does lead to a certain kind of sameness, and it sometimes creates odd limits to what you can have or not have.

I am a craftsman:

I have respect for the materials with which I work and I have a desire to do my work well.  I understand that folks need quality at a reasonable price.

I am an artist:

I have a feeling for the designs I create and their relationships to the world around me. I like to design and make things that you will want to look at again and again.

Methods and Process:

Some of the methods I use to create shapes in iron are more than 2000 years old. Other methods or tools that I use belong to the 21st century. The shapes that I create are usually functional for the home, but that is not their only purpose. I believe that we should have functional things that are also beautiful to the senses. Working with hot metal allows me to combine a love of organic forms with a love of geometrical designs into items for the home that provide enjoyment through both usefulness and beauty.
Beautiful ironwork can complement and enhance any setting. Whether you need items for the kitchen, bathroom, den, bedroom, or garden, I want to make for you the most beautiful ironwork possible.
Much of the work I do is made to order. I can work from an idea, a sketch, or a photo. I make a sketch, working drawing, or sometimes a sample piece for approval. A cost estimate is calculated based on shop time and materials.

Let me work with you to find the best solution to your needs.