Beautiful hand forged ironwork designed and made for you by Joe Babb

Cat Table by Joe Babb, Elegant Ironworks

This is a table based on a sketch  I did several years ago.  I finally got a chance to build it and am very excited about it.

The table is 36″ wide, about 13″ deep, and 30″ to the top surface of the glass.  The glass top is in two pieces to allow the ears to stick through.  The glass is tempered for safety so that in the event of an accident the glass will break into small pieces.  Individual pieces were forged to shape on the anvil and with power hammer, then welded together.  The table is signed JHB 2012  C1.

Contact us for current price and delivery options.   I promise to have better pictures available soon.

Cat Table, designed and created by Joe Babb